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 Princess Shimmy
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Greetings My little bitches. My name is Princess Shimmy and I am a financial humiliation Princess.

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Sure, I'll be your Valentine... once you cough up the dough ;) NF tributes preferred! Link 1101 days ago


My lines are on! Come tell Me your deepest, darkest secrets. Call now: 1-800-To-Flirt ext: 03737470 Link 1102 days ago


Just finished a call with a devoted pay puppet. You could reach cloud nine too: 1-800-To-Flirt ext:03737470 Link 1104 days ago



Princess Shimmy
Seasons Greetings bitches!
Posted: Dec 23rd 2011 at 9:11pm CST
Seasons Greetings bitches!I know it's been a while since I've updated and I know you all have been missing Me, so here's the long awaited update on what's been going down in Princessland! My twink slave in New York ran away to rehab and came home with hopes and dreams of living life like a normal, straight kinda guy.  Well, I guess that's too bad for him because little did he know Princess Shimmy was about to crash his welcome home party.He tributed Me $250 via TalkSugar and explained his epic public humiliation accident: "Everything was fine until one of Your audio files accidentally appeared in a mix i made for a party i was throwing.  i couldn't bring myself to stop it.  '.. Princess Shimmy wants you to be gay.  Princess Shimmy made you gay...' Playing loudly for all my friends and some family to hear.  You know my clit got hard!"I laughed so hard when I saw this the next morning.  He did this while I slept, I think he thought I was ignoring him because I missed his call lmao.I also have the last pair of these super sexy velvet panties up on Ebanned.  The auction is at over $120 and ends in less than 2 days! The last pair sold a few days ago for over $150 *grins.* Click on the picture to view My current auctions! Remember My batty boy, faggot kiki from the post below? Well, no surprise here but he's back and even more gay and depraved than ever!!Check out the shrine he made for Me after hours at work:LOL!! I love it.  At the top it reads: "I love Princess Shimmy.  I begged her to turn me gay and now I'm a flaming faggot."He's living proof that My forced-bi and gay slave brainwashing techniques are turning straight men into straight up faggots!  He's a loyal follower of all My forced-bi assignments and MP3's.There's nothing like a little forced-intox and gay porn to pass the time at work, no harm done right? Hahaha...I spared you all the money shot because quite frankly, I don't want to look at it every time I pull up My blog, lol.Licky Licky!!! Maybe I'm depriving you slaves by censoring those cock pics? LOL.  I should sell the uncensored version on NiteFlirt, I'm sure you fag bois would eat it up.I've allowed My bitch boy john to once again start serving Me after I kicked him out of My stable for becoming too desperate and creepy.  But, I think he's learned his lesson now and came crawling back the right way by sending gift cards and purchasing items off My Amazon Wishlist.On a side note, I think I'm going to start implementing corner time for disobedient slaves again. LMFAO!!!!bitch boy john: thank u princess shimmy for letting me give u all my money.bitch boy john:  i am weak for u princess.Princess Shimmy:  next time bring more $$$ idiot.Princess Shimmy:  u need to stop eating burgers fat boy.bitch boy john: yes princess. thats what jess said when i saw her last summer. I'm fat.Princess Shimmy: you are.bitch boy john: I'm sry princess shimmyPrincess Shimmy: you fucking better bePrincess Shimmy:  now go stand in the cornerPrincess Shimmy:  turn on your webcam, get naked and stand in the corner like a little bitchbitch boy john: yes princessPrincess Shimmy:  you and your love handles and dimpled assPrincess Shimmy:  go back!!!Princess Shimmy:  lmfaoooo Okay, that's enough about the slaves.  On to some of My recent amazon tributes.  Bear with Me as I do some catching up from My last blog post.Drinkwell Pet Fountain for My kitties. Another Hoover FloorMate... I love this thing so much.My Passport external hard drive.Versace cologne, Stila eyeshadow palette, Too faced lipgloss and glitter eyeliner.New Logitech Pro Webcam C910Swarovski annual Christmas ornament and stand.Some shirts for My man.  He has his own wishlist where the cuckies can shop for him here.Miscellaneous lingerie, stockings and a belly dancer scarf.Waist cincher, gothic necklace and silk pillow sheets. Mmmm.Art of War book, The Art of


Princess Shimmy
I'll be right back!!
Posted: Oct 5th 2011 at 5:41pm CDT
Hi Shimmy...I wanted to bring to your attention that I am moving on from niteflirt and other addictions that I possess in regards to my "fetish" things have taken a toll and it's time to get back on track to the real me. I must say that I've been on NF since 2005, cancelled numerous accounts but this time it's time to say goodbye...  Shimmy you revolutionized the game. You were my favorite flirt I've ever contacted, and I mean that. Do what you do because you do it well. The power you have is astronomical and the material you put out is priceless. It's going to take some time getting the influence out of my head. The seed you have planted in my brain will take months to erase but I need to start now.  This phase in my life is now over, I just wanted to say thank you for being a big part of it.You are the absolute best and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking moron that doesn't know shit. Take care Shimmy and I wish you the best and more. Love, Marquis aka Princess Shimmy's Batty Boi.MY RESPONSE::LMFAO! Whatever douche bag! Did you see your pic in My blog by the way?? YOU STILL OWE ME THAT DRESS YOU WHORE!!


Princess Shimmy
Pimping My slave out!
Posted: Sep 21st 2011 at 2:42am CDT
Greetings bitches!  I have sooo much to blog about... I don't even know where to begin.  First of all, let Me say that recently I've been happy with My slaves. I'm really starting to accumulate good slaves who are loyal and put ME first. Ones who do things without being told to.  The two slaves I am particularly happy with is My twink from Boston and My new slave marc.My Boston batty boy has successfully made the leap into leading a full fledged homo lifestyle under My guidance.  Early this month while he was intoxicated and spending tons of money on My homoerotic slave training, I commanded him to text message his girlfriend of 4 years and ask her to come home and stick her dildo up his ass.  Needless to say, she broke up with him :DHere's My batty boy's grateful response once he came to terms with what I made him do: Yes it's true, she left me. Worst part is, last weekend was her birthday.  I can't believe I brought out my fetish and cravings to her so openly.  Last night she made it official.  Almost 4 years of a relationship ended because of an intoxicated weekend.  Now I need to find a new apartment. Your style, beauty and sadistic ways have brought me to a new found level of homo curiosity. I will listen and I will follow.  I just needed to report to you what has happened.  It would look funny in your blog.  I'm sure a lot of your other slaves would love to be in my position.Thank You Princess... I didn't think I could actually turn gay but you clearly pushed me off the gay cliff (ass first,) From Shimmy's batty boy. I train My slaves so well.  I'm still pimping him out too... for real!  This is not a joke or an exaggeration.  If you are in the Boston area all you need to do is TRIBUTE Me first and then I will discuss prices with you and how you can get in touch with My slave. Any gay acts you do with him will have to be documented though, but you don't have to show your face in any of the pics or vids I might command to be filmed during your rendezvous.He's pretty good looking but I can totally tell he's gay just by the way he shaves his facial hair.My new slave marc had one hell of a wallet raping by Me on NiteFlirt... it was his first time too.  He went head deep for over $1100. What I like about marc is he is one of the few slaves who sends tributes without Me having to tell him to. This is what marc had to say for himself after his first major wallet raping by Me:Thank you for reading my email I am truly ashamed & regret last night with all my heart however not because I was used but because I couldn’t give more, I have been up for 3 hours & have not stopped thinking about it ( having your amazing body as my wallpaper does not help either lol). I have listened to every MP3 a million times; I have begun creating a small shrine for my daily prayer to be recited in front of. I am desperately looking forward to calling you next weekend to be verbally humiliated & god knows I would do all sorts of degrading things to entertain you Princess. I have butterfly’s as I write this, I don’t know what you have done to me I really don’t, you know that feeling when your being fucked over, I am actually getting off on it and it’s a really strange sensation. You took over $800 in tributes, over $300 on assignments, MP3 & heavenly pictures, once again I just wanted to say thank you Princess for allowing me to contribute to your amazing life & enriching mine with your cruelness. As for Me, I am in the middle of several projects... you know how I am, I like to keep My projects secret.  For now what I will share are some of My recent tributes.  Some Lush bath bombs and soaps I purchased with sissy jamie's gift cards.And more Lush stuff from sissy jamie.  Loves it.Some Victoria's Secret panties bought with sissy jamie's gift cards. I'll post My amazon tributes in My nex


Princess Shimmy
My Power over you... Over 11k for Princess!
Posted: Sep 1st 2011 at 12:28am CDT
Soooo My little pets... it's been almost a month since My last blog post and over a month since I've listed any new PTV's or done any updates yet My NiteFlirt balance is sitting pretty at $10,608 for August. :DBuwahahaha.  I love the fact that I don't really even need to do updates and I still make bank from My bitches around the world.  That's just how powerful I am.What can I say other than I have a talent for taking from you losers, lol. It's the truth though, how else would you describe it? :PHere's a pic of My epic $20,694 NiteFlirt cheque from July. I really like looking at that pic... It's beautiful isn't it?  I tweeted it on Twitter, you should all be very grateful I shared that moment with you.I have to be honest though, I am disappointed with this months amazon purchases. It was less than one page of items and I'm used to getting at least one page of items each month so you are going to have to step it up.  I need an amazon shopping bitch, stat! I had a drunken slave entertain Me with over $400 in tributes and calls over TalkSugar in about an hour.  A nice price for incoherent drivel. Okay... now on to some of My recent takings and gifts! A $505 blank money order.  A clean, crisp perfect form of cash that goes straight into My bank account.  Loves it.All seeing eye earrings (x2) and necklace.  It's the symbol of POWER. This is too perfect for Me.7 day money candle, bathsalts and some herbs... to aid in My quest to take over the world :PI'm really into the laws of attraction.  This is a book and movie by one of My favorite quantum physicists. iPhone armband case and Resident Evil 4 for Wii.An Al Pacino shirt and boxing gloves for My man.  Don't forget he has his own wishlist too where I allow My cuckolds to shop for him.  A funny story about that shirt is I did not realize that was a maid bent over Pacino's leg otherwise I would have NOT added it to his list. Like, wtf? My bf likes it though, *eyeroll.* Haha.Some cute Yoshi plush slippers, liquid latex tights and a pair of O Hai briefs.So, in total from what I've JUST posted on this blog post is $11,525 CASH.  That's not counting gifts since I don't count gifts as cash.  Of course My month is filled with more drainings than just over NiteFlirt and TalkSugar but you really aren't worthy of being filled in on all that right now... and truthfully it is a lot to blog about.  Following Me on Twitter is a good way to get those kind of updates though.Bye for now My little bitches, :DP.S. Enjoy the newest pics from My listing where I'm rocking the NF gear sissy jamie got Me. xoxo Princess Shimmy.


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